Sore Throat When Swallowing, This Is the Cause

Sore throat when swallowing is not only caused by strep throat. There are several other diseases that can cause this condition. Find out more about the causes for more appropriate handling. Sore throat when swallowing is quite painful. Usually appears from the top of the neck or throat, to the bottom behind the sternum. This condition can cause discomfort, because it can cause a sensation such as burning (sore) or like a very strong pressure on the throat. Various Causes of Sore Throat When Swallowing Many things can occur in the throat and cause a sore throat when swallowing, including an infection in the throat, or an allergic reaction in the swallowing pathway. The following are some of the causes of sore throat when swallowing you need to know: Strep throat or sore throat Sore throat when swallowing can be caused by inflammation caused by bacterial infections, viral infections, or allergic reactions to allergens (allergens) from the environment (pollution, cigarette sm
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